Film Festival on Lincoln Road

Film Festival on Lincoln Road

Film Festival on Lincoln Road

The Colony Theater at Lincoln Road on Miami Beach hosts the U.S. Sports Film Festival this weekend with the first screening of popular University of Miami football documentary “The U” starting February 4th at 7pm. The USSFF is the only sports based film festival in the United States featuring an interactive gathering of movie actors, directors and producers plus sports stars who hold panel discussions with the audience.

Participants scheduled to attend this weekend’s events include members of the University of Miami football team, current and former NFL players, Vince Papale, “Invincible” producer Mark Ciardi, “The U” director Billy Corben and producer Alfred Spellman, Sports Studio’s Mark Ellis, ESPN broadcaster Bonnie Bernstein, radio announcer Joe Rose, ESPN producers John Dahl and Connor Schell.

The following schedule provided by the USSFF highlights this weekend’s films:

• The U February 4th – 7pm

The Film tells the story of how during the 1980s, Miami was at the center of a racial and cultural shift-taking place throughout the country. Overwhelmed by riots and tensions, it was a city in flux, and the University of Miami football team served as a microcosm for this evolution. The image of the predominantly white university was forever changed when coach Howard Schnellenberger scoured some of the toughest ghettos in Florida to recruit mostly black players for his team. With a freshly branded swagger, inspired and fueled by the emerging local hip hop culture, the new-look Hurricanes won four national titles between 1983 and 1991. Director Billy Corben (“Cocaine Cowboys”), a Miami native and University of Miami alum, tells the story of how these “Bad Boys” of college football changed the attitude of the game they played, and how a serene campus was transformed into “The U.”

• Invincible February 6th – 4pm

A fan favorite, “Invincible” tells the true-life story of a regular-Joe Philadelphia football fan who is given an opportunity to participate in an open-tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles. Never having played football at college, Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg), a 30-year old substitute teacher and part-time barman, defies all odds when the Eagles coach (Greg Kinnear) picks him for the team. What follows is the stuff of every sports fan’s fantasies — professional glory, the ecstatic, unwavering and cheering support of his home town’s crowd, and, most of all, the chance to live a dream. From the producers of “The Rookie” and “Remember the Titans.”

• Faded Glory February 6th – 7pm

“Faded Glory” is the true story of a group of aging athletes, good friends for over 18 years, who never gave up on the dream of playing baseball at a competitive level. Through the eyes of their manager Rick Cohen, “Faded Glory” follows the National Network team, eighteen men over the age of thirty-five who have overcome life’s adversities, including injury, divorce, bankruptcy, infidelity, drug addiction, incarceration, and one life-threatening disease. It all takes place as Network battles to win a National Amateur Baseball World Series title. “Faded Glory” is a captivating document of friendship, courage, humor and the indomitability of the human spirit.

Tickets are available at the Colony Theater box office at 1040 Lincoln Road.

For more information call 305-674-1040