Nespresso | Lincoln Road’s Newest Coffee Bar

Nespresso, Lincoln Road's Newest Coffee Bar

Nespresso, Lincoln Road's Newest Coffee Bar

Miami is obsessed with coffee. Like many stimulants that enjoy local popularity, we’re mostly in it for the rush. We want to zoom up to an open curbside parking spot, leap out of our impressive car we can’t possibly afford and belly up to a service window to shoot back a plastic thimble filled with sugary Cuban-style espresso just the way Clint Eastwood fires off a shot of whiskey in a spaghetti western. When it comes to our caffeine intake, we don’t really care if it’s good, bad or ugly. Lincoln Road’s newest designer coffee bar, Nespresso, hopes to change all that.

Nestle’s Nespresso “Grand Cru” coffee pods are the latest salvo in the corporate branding of the upscale bean experience. And to combat all that is ugly in coffee branding, Nespresso employs no less than Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney to add considerable cachet to their café au lait. The eternally handsome actor has appeared in a number of high profile commercials, mini-films and viral campaigns for the brand for years. Perhaps the new 3,900 square foot South Beach boutique will appeal to our vanity and somehow change the way we drink our coffee forever!

Nespresso Lincoln Road

Nespresso on Lincoln Road

Creating colorful little aluminum capsules of individually flavored grounds, the 16 distinct aromatic blends are tailored  to your ultimate coffee connoisseurship. And to enhance your experience, the brand new Nespresso Boutique gourmet coffee lounge in the highly designed Eleven Eleven building on Lincoln Mall is filled with brightly-colored coffee pod chairs where guests can sit and sip and savor their capsule coffee. Just do not ask for a Cuppa Joe to go because Nespresso may be the first coffee bar in town that insists you imbibe your potent brew on site. You heard that right, “No Take Out!”  To partake in the Nespresso experience, you’ll need to take a seat in the company’s first Florida cafe (third in the United States) and wrangle yourself a ceramic cup because coffee and paper cups are a no-go for this logo.

Nespresso’s haute west side hideaway features a barista bar, a colorful coffee lounge and a sunny terrace designed by Paris-based architect Francis Krempp. All shiny metal, glass panels and sleek woods, the cafe will surely take a bite out of the profits of nearby Segafredo and the multiple Starbucks storefronts on Lincoln Road Mall. A single shot will set you back $3.50, a cappuccino $4.50 and a latte macchiato tops out the brew menu at $5.50. To underscore their foodie street cred, there are salads and sandwiches sporting smoked salmon or truffled grilled cheese for $16. If you think you can save money by brewing capsule coffee at home, you’re Chock Full O’Nuts! The artfully designed pod brewing machines sold in the cafe range in price from $200 to $800 so a Clooney-worthy brew involves a considerable investment and only works with the proprietary coffee capsules sold separately.

To elevate your morning from Bustelo to Nespresso, grab a friend, dress in something chic and try to score a table at Lincoln Road’s trendy new caffeinated boutique. You may never really be able to determine the difference in the subtle aromatic notes of the 16 Grand Crus, but at least you can trade up from humble hombre Juan Valdez to hot and hunky George Clooney!

Nespresso Boutique is located at Eleven Eleven Lincoln Road serving upscale brews from 10am to 10pm.